point The title says it all. Few other modern piling equipment manufacturers can claim to be truly innovative – most settle for variations on the same old themes.

Dawson Construction Plant Ltd is one of the world's leading suppliers of Piling Equipment with over 40 years' experience of designing, developing and manufacturing in the UK. We market worldwide via a network of distributors and supply direct to UK companies in the Foundation and related sectors.


Since 2009 DCP have been working in the offshore piling sector. Dawson equipment and personnel have been supplied to various oil and gas fields through out the north sea and have received outstanding praise from the main contractors involved. The majority of the work consists of securing various subsea structures to the sea bed. This is acheived by driving steel tubes through the structures and into the bed below. Since 2010 the latest DCP 15k Hammer has been used in depths of upto 140m.

The title says it all, few other modern piling equipment manufacturers can claim to be truly innovative – most settle for variations on the same old themes. Dawson philosophy is to apply new ideas, new techniques and new technology to create a better future for the piling industry. By supplying equipment that offers real benefits, work can be completed more productively, to higher standards and with much improved levels of safety.

Our products range from Hydraulic Impact Piling Hammers and the Innovative Push-Pull system for Silent Piling through to Vibratory Hammers both crane suspended and Excavator Mounted and our wide range of innovative pile lifting equipment all of which is used worldwide, enabling operators to install and handle steel piles safely and efficiently. Dawson Ground Release Lifting Shackles for example have capacities ranging from 3.5tonnes up to 100tonnes all have been tested to a safety factor of twice the Safe Working Load and designed to withstand five times the published SWL.

More Innovation, Dawson's unique range of Auger Cleaners designed to remove spoil from CFA augers, not only increases efficiency but also improves site safety, these machines increase the work rate of any CFA rig. Dawson also manufactures a unique Capping Support Formwork System that allows rapid construction of a concrete cap that’s to be built on the top of a wall of sheet piles or tubes.

Of course, as a Dawson customer, you will expect high levels of equipment reliability, quality and service. You will expect equipment that is well designed and durable. You will expect to deal with an internationally recognised organisation that will value your custom for the longer term, building relationships for the future. You will not expect, perhaps, to find a team of innovative engineers committed to developing a range of equipment that will give you a real competitive edge on your piling project….TODAY and long into the future?


Business Overview

We are a modern-day business following best practices in safety, ethical business, social and environmental responsibility with sustainable development.


In addition, Dawson Inc supports the US market from its new base in Kansas City.



As a company, we are committed to provide innovative products for the foundation sector and have a dedicated research and development team producing leading edge products for the benefit of our customers.


Management Overview

An experienced senior management team comprising highly motivated professionals, engineers and project managers ensure the company's commitment to innovation and excellent customer service


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Registered Office. Chesney Wold, Bleak Hall, Milton Keynes, MK6 1NE

Registration No. 1057078 Registered in England

VAT Reg. No. GB 196 2220 63