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The only purpose made sheet pile capping system available for concrete cap formwork, is faster and more cost effective than any on-site `lash ups'.


The Redeb bracket and Soffit panel cab be assembled and re-used by unskilled labour. Welding or cutting of piles is not necessary. It renders obsolete the use of individual plywood soffit panel formwork cut out to match pile pans.


Traditional `old fashioned' methods use brackets welded against piles to carry longitudinal beams and shuttering timber. Such brackets have ultimately to be burned off, their stubs ground down and the piles paintwork made good. All this trouble is avoided using this pile capping system.



A concrete cap, approx. size 1.2m high by 0.9m wide and 275m in length was completed in four weeks. A 15 metre concrete pour was made every day. 5 no. per week using a total of 45 no. Redebs and 18 no. 2.5m panels (eg. 3 no. 15 metre lengths).


The Redeb Support Bracket provides a cheaper, simpler and faster method of supporting the soffit shutter for the construction of a concrete cap on U and Z shaped piles. The Redeb support bracket is a light yet robust piece of equipment designed to give many years of trouble free service providing it is correctly used and maintained. It is designed solely for use on sheet piles.


Sheet piles are generally capped for aesthetic purposes. The concrete cap serves to mask the inevitable irregularities in sheet pile length, penetration depth and line. They may also be used as a support for a railing or safety barrier.


There are 3 models of Redeb bracket - RSB500, RSB600 and RSB700. The RSB500 & RSB600 models are designed to work both Z type and U type sheet pile sections. The RSB700 is exclusively designed to work wuth the Hoesch Larssen 700mm wide U piles and Arcelor 750mm wide U piles. With these models most sheet pile sections can be accommodated within certain limitations.


The Soffit Shuttering Panel consists of rectangular rods which are retained within a framework. The rods are free to slide within set limits. With the panel secured on the Redeb brackets the rectangular bars are pushed towards the sheet piles, starting from the deepest part of each pile. The bars will deck out the soffit area and assume the shape of the sheet piles including the distortion which occurs during driving.


The panels structural members which retain the decking bars are capable of carring normal loads when supported on redeb brackets at 'one-pair' of pile centres. No additional structural support is necessary.

The panel will fit all known sheet piles and may also be used on continuous piles.


There are two lengths of panel, 2.5m and 3m. the 3m must be used for the 750mm wide pile sections.


The panels are intended for mechanical handling with the 2.5m weighting 360kg and the 3.0m panel weighting 430kg.


Although the Redeb Support Bracket is suitable in the majority of pile cap situations, there are certain limitations which must be taken into account before specifying the equipment for any given job. (If in doubt consult the manufacturer).


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