Unrivalled production rates - rapid blow rates save time and money, shortening  project duration. High energy transfer efficiency to the pile - smaller hammer outperforms older more cumbersome equipment. Variable energy output -  stepless adjustment between limits at the touch of a button. With single or automatic blow regulation, these hammers offer complete control of the driving process.  Compact, enclosed design - simplifies application and handling whilst protecting vital components. Simple integration with alternative power sources - can be operated from hydraulic excavators, hydraulic crawler cranes or non-Dawson power packs. Versatility - all models are designed to be truly multi-tasking, driving a huge range of pile types either free-hanging or leader mounted. All Dawson hammers can operate under water in excess of 100m in depth.


Dawson Construction Plant has developed an industry leading, robust and simple, electronic control system that constantly monitors the drop weight position. This constant monitoring allows the switching timing on the main hydraulic spool to be trended to continually optimise hammer performance throughout varying piling conditions, such as:
1 – Hard driving with pile recoiling
2 – Soft driving with a running pile
3 – Cold hydraulic oil on start up
4 – Raking piles 


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