Sheet Pile Threader



The Dawson Universal Sheet Pile Threader has been developed to enable a safe, easy and productive method of pitching sheet piles. The need for a “top man” is eliminated as all operations can be performed at ground or top frame level. The Universal Sheet Pile Threader can be set up for virtually all Larssen and Z section sheet piles, and once set correctly will quickly interlock the piles with one simple movement. Care should be taken during the set-up procedure to ensure that each adjustment is accurately set, extra time spent here will be saved tenfold during operation. Within one pile section there may be several variations. On a “Z” section interlocks are usually different at each end. The leading can also be left or right hand. The Universal Sheet Pile Threader can accommodate these variations with the simple adjustment of roller positions. This can be accomplished on site by offering the Sheet Pile Threader up to a pile and adjusting the rollers to the correct position. They are now set for a left or right hand threading.


Sheet pile threaders offer a complete ‘feet on the ground’ approach to steel sheet piling when used in conjunction with remote release shackles. Improve productivity and working safety.

The one basic guide frame is standard for ALL “Z” section piles, ALL straight web piles and “U” piles of size 2 and upwards. Below this size may require modifications to the main frame, but the principal of operation remains the same.

The different sections are accommodated simply by inserting appropriate rollers onto the lower spindles which form part of the lower clamp. These rollers fit the pile profile to give positive and accurate location.


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