pile points



A range of products are available that enhance the performance and productivity of driven piling. Pile Points help to protect the leading edge of the driven pile thus maintaining its chosen mechanical properties. These are available to suit: pipe piles; sheet piles; timber and H-piles. Piles Splicers speed-up the alignment and butt-welding of piles being joined end to end. They are available for pipe as either drive on or weld on items, and for H piles as weld on only.


Key Features

Reinforce the pile toe, increasing the piles resistance to buckling, maintaining the profiles shape.


Reduce skin friction in certain ground conditions minimising installation forces.


Improve the end bearing for load bearing piles.


Cast-in “cutting teeth” help to break debris and boulders then cut into rock for full bearing, even on inclined strata.


May permit the use of lighter piling sections in some applications e.g. pipe piles.


Can help to reduce surface damage to coated piles during installation.


Points available to suit: pipe, sheet, timber and H-piles.



For a Pile Points PDF specification sheet ........(click here)